Dragon Con 2019 Booth Coasters

The Bros have been busy building in the real world and the virtual!

Our quest to create cool things and attend all the Cons has lead to a massive amount of work that is beyond just 2 Bros now; we had to tap the Bard! As we grow, so do our need for cool trees, but we are always centered on our roots of our Zero Waste. Being Eagle Scouts, we want to conserve as much as possible and educate everyone about reducing waste in all matters of life.

We have always created cool crafts from our own scraps to reuse, reclaim, up-cycle, recycle and re-purpose our tools, materials and everything else in between and we don't generate a lot of trash because we believe that less waste in the world leads to healthier lives and a cleaner world! Not only are we being frugal, but its environmentally sound! Waste not, want not!

With our success, we give you our new idea! Reclaimed wood from our own major booth builds at Cons! We start this concept with our Dragon Con 2019 Booth that we specifically tagged to make certain products. Because of our limited supply of this specific wood, whatever we make from this will be gone for ever.

Dragon Con 2019 - Wood Coasters

Handcrafted wooden coasters made from the ashes of our Dragon Con 2019 booth, 100% Genuine and painstakingly catalog, carted from Raleigh to Atlanta and back to Raleigh, then processed in house, cut, cross cut, cut some more, laser engraved and finish sanded so you can protect your table during your next D&D session from water rings! A little souvenir from Dragon Con 2019!!!

We will also donate a portion of our sales to a Charity!