Our Story

The ever perfectionist technical engineer at heart, Jeff uses every tool known to man to craft pixel art from colorful exotic woods from around the world to bring Mario, Zelda, Deadpool and the likes into physical form. Initially started as making wooden Tetris earrings for his girlfriend now wife, he explored with ever increasing degrees of complexity of products from coasters to cutting boards, butcher blocks and to intricately thin wooden greeting cards. His zero waste policy propelled him to be creative in using reclaimed exotic woods for future projects such as his popular artisan chopsticks.

Brendan spent many years working at an educational non-profit campus called Arcosanti, that gets a large portion of their funding from their for profit ceramic and bronze bell business. While working as the assistant manager for the foundry, he started making bronze jewelry for family and friends who suggested to offer pieces at art shows and thus Fojikey Design was born. In his adventures of designing jewelry he developed his own philosophy of art that he uses exclusively for his jewelry. Fojikey - (Fō-gē-kē) - When you create an object you imbue it with your positive spirit. With this in mind, he only ever creates bronze art on good days. When Jeff gave him a call, he pulled up his roots and drove across the USA; so began the quest that would create 2 Brothers and a Bard.